Worldbuilding Wednesday, 6/14/17… wait, there’s more! (Spells, that is.)

Because it was just too much damn fun to come up with these. Another selection of free spells to add to your campaign, story, novel, game, comic, whatever.

Chantsuma’s Wondrous Cacophony:  Creates a mosaic of noise around the target, a mix of music, voices, animal cries, thunder, chants, roaring waves, bird calls, crashing objects, etc. so the target cannot speak, cast spells, or think clearly.

Staff of Parsimonious Speaking:  Lets the owner use just enough, and no more, words to get his or her point across.

Ledger of the Silver Tongue:  Enables the reader to gain proficiency in persuasion and debate.

Tome of the Crimson Raven:  A notorious book of dark magic.

Libram of Merry Carnality:   A much sought-after  book of sexual positions.

Marwen’s Visual Lassitude:  Makes the target’s eyes get tired and miss seeing important things.

Candjerine’s Singing Golem:  Adjunct spell that enables ordinary golems to sing.

Wig of Endless Flying:  A wig that is able to rise off the wearer’s head and fly around, distracting opponents, or providing something to laugh at during parties.

Yavlbest’s Odious Accretion:  Makes the target of the spell accumulate body odor no matter how much they bathe.

The Organ Of False Fingers:  A magical organ that makes even the most skilled musician sound bad.

The Astrolabe Of Cervine Rage:  Makes local deer, elk, and moose grow enraged and attack anything they see.

Urzrolan’s Thieving Weasel:  Enchants an ordinary weasel into fetching some small item.

Trousers Of Marvelous Collecting:  Magical pants with pockets that can hold up to one cubic yard of material per pocket, as long as it’s the same kind of material (marbles, seashells, etc.)

Falaz’s Fighting Thumb:  Useful for thumb wrestling contests.

Shoes Of The Droning Dragon:  A very rare and unique item made from dragon hide. They emit a continuous drone that numbs the senses of everyone who hears it (the wearer is immune.)

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