MASHED Pre-order

MASHED anthology, Grivante Press, 2017You may now pre-order MASHED, the anthology I am featured in, on Amazon. Click, click, click on this link….

You can can also enter this book giveaway contest to get it for free! It includes a bunch of other horror books as well.

Here’s a short excerpt of my story, “Arabica,” to get you in the mood.



Her transmuted body came fully into service. Water boiled inside of her, filling her with heat. Mute and paralyzed, she grew increasingly excited… sexually excited… as the pressure built. The true horror of what her unconscious had done, what it had come up with as treatment for herself, sunk in. It had become its own entity now, carrying her along as a helpless passenger to fulfill the mental treatment she had signed for.The pressure reached its climax, no longer pleasure but a hot, steamy torture.



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