The Eyes Have It

I’m not much of a costumer, mainly due to time constraints. But golly I do I appreciate them… and appreciating vintage SF and horror movies, I like eyes… preferably floating or ambulatory. These eye candy pics (hee hee, did I make a pun?)  bring out both of my passions.


German costumes. “We come in piece… of your anatomy.”


And Junior too.

Still from the Johnny Socko and His Flying Robot set. This was a Japanese kid’s show from the late 1960s. The giant floating eye costume had a “hula skirt” of optic nerves that concealed the wearer’s legs.

Drunk, TV antenna-wearing, chorus line eyes are also popular.

Like eyes but have no time to make a costume? A white garbage bag stuffed with newspaper is your go-to solution.

You can always add a touch of eye with a piece of jewelry.





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