Story – Tender Meat

Transformed: Triskaidekaphilia Book Three
My M/M erotic romance story “Tender Meat” published under my other writing name of Trece Angulo appearing in the 2018 supernatural anthology Transformed: Triskaidekaphilia Book Three from Pen and Kink Publishing.

The anthology had shapeshifters as its theme and the stories of those who love them. “Tender Meat” is the tale of a knight, and a dragon… but neither the knight, or the shape-shifting dragon, are exactly what they seem.

I loved writing this story. It fit into the history and geography of my imaginary world of Escharne, and helped me to solidify the role dragons, and dragon gods, played in human history.

I’m including an excerpt below. The book is currently out of print and the publisher on hiatus, but who knows, the story may yet appear somewhere else.


Xephron opened his folio again. He did in fact draw his own kind, but in a fantastic way and not as the living, breathing creatures they really were. He wondered if this fool would know the difference.

When he turned back the knight had settled into the basin. The Wyrm Ironblood had indeed hurt him sore, the scar very pink, almost red, against the creamy pallor of his torso. Xephron had seen naked villagers before, of course, when they were washing in the stream or urinating. But the knight was of different stock from them. His health and vigor gave him the appearance of having a deep, kindling glow within.

“Why do you stare so, young Zef?” Argaive said with some humor. The servant had left him a knotted rag and he took it up to wash himself.

“I had no idea you knights were so … uninhibited.”

“Uninhibited? As in what?” Argaive laughed. “We are a celibate

“A pity,” Xephron murmured.

“With women.” With unexpected strength he grabbed Xephron’s arm, drawing him down to the level of the basin, his earnest, bearded face but a hand’s length from Xephron’s. “The Holy Lore says nothing against the joys of masculine sex.”

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