Category: Horror

Eye Irritation

I thought I felt something in my eye!


The Dracolich, or undead dragon, is the most terrifying and powerful of all dragonkin. Fortunately they are few and far between.   (Rotten Meat, by Edward DeLandre)

Gummy Bear

This is one treat you don’t want to eat.   Gummy Anatomy Toy, by Jason Freeny

Our Trash Will Eat Us

…eventually. All things take time.   (artwork by Phil McDermott)

Sea Monster

The last thing the oceanographer saw.   (Concept art from the Syfy movie Dinoshark)


laughing mannequins full of evil

They are laughing at you always. And they never stop.

Black Queen III

The Black Queen’s personal life was full of misery, which was odd for such a powerful figure. Sad to say, she wasn’t above taking it out on her slaves.   (Misery by FrankT on DeviantArt)

Seeming Perfection

A crazed artist vented her rage at the mannequin’s seeming perfection. Shortly she moved on to human subjects.

Black Queen II

Her visage was so terrible she always kept it masked…. until the day a handsome man was able to pierce it. But that’s another story.

Worldbuilding Wednesday, 7/12/17: Organizations Clearly Up to No Good

Fantasy fiction (and science fiction, for that matter) is full of secret societies, thieves’ guilds, Hellfire clubs, and other associations for like-minded individuals. Often these are major drivers of the plot. Frank Herbert’s Dune would not be the same but for the Bene Gesserit, or The Wheel of Time series for the Aes Sedai. H.P. …

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