Zepped Again! (Part III)

Robert portrait by Natty Kazoo

In this post I’ll showcase some pieces of fan art I didn’t get around to last year or have found since then. Like the two fluffy yaoi romantic fantasies below. Jimbert of course.

They’re not by the same artist, but side by side, they tell a story. Equerry Jimmy has eyes for Robert the Prince, but never dares steps outside of his servant’s role in public. Only at night can woo his chosen, with Robert’s approval of course.

Then there’s this one, which implies Jimmy’s been the one pulling the strings all along?

Jimmy meets Aslan, or maybe Robert as Aslan. I sense a Zep/Narnia fanfic idea approaching.

A lovely Gustave Klimt Jimbert portrait by Silver Aspen. The Greek philosophers, or Greek god Jimbert below may be from the same artist as the styles are similar.

Try as I could, I couldn’t generate an AI pic of them sleeping in a recording studio together, only singly. (I specified Robert as shirtless, and the AI decided on its own to give him short, tight cut-offs. Guess it was a hot day.)

“Have some of my custard pie, err, birthday cake,” Jimmy said.

“I said cake! Not mudshark!”

Flar-out caricatures of the band aren’t as interesting to me, but this one by artist Des Campbell, is Jimmy spoofing at its finest.

A more graceful caricature by Thobias Daneluz of the whole band. I like Robert’s swagger and how his abnormally long, bell-bottomed legs form the letter A. But Jonesy’s left leg and Jimmy’s right leg are missing!

A meme I found amusing.
Jimmy: hi
Robert: no I got smoke in my eyes HOLY MOTHER OF GOD THAT HURTS
Bonzo: ugh what’s that hairy thing with the zoso pullover


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