Narnia Bento Boxes

With the magic of Midjourney, here’s some AI-created Narnia-themed bento boxes! Using a photorealistic style after those posted in Gourmet magazine.

This is the first one. Rustic container, Aslan cut-food art (I think it’s daikon radish) in the center, something that looks like Turkish Delight to his upper left. I had specified Narnian foods, thinking I’d get some of the delicacies Lewis describes, but most of it seems suited for animals — carrots, broccoli, grapes, cherry tomatoes, and dried apricots. Something that looks like arborio rice, and, disturbingly, two dishes that look like they contain mealworms. Aside from Aslan’s grimace, it’s plausible.

This Aslan face is nicer and has a pasta mane. The container is still rustic, and we also get buckwheat noodles, almond butter, a fresh star anise, tiny lemons, a fresh fig, small slices of parmesan cheese, a small bulb of fennel, and a tomato that looks to be made out of sundried tomato paste. I’ll call it the Italianate version.

And oh boy, Midjourney threw out this Christmas kid’s edition bento box! TWO Aslan cookies, goldfish crackers, and wafers depicting Mr. Tumnus and Mr. and Mrs. Beaver.

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