Worldbuilding Wednesday 6/14/23: Dickensian Twists

This facsimile of a Victorian couple was generated entirely in AI (Midjourney, to be precise.)

Victorian writer Charles Dickens was known for the odd and whimsical names he gave to his characters, presumably so readers would better remember them. As his stories were first serialized in publications over many weeks or months, this makes sense.

These odd names also served a satirical purpose.  Some of the more memorable of these are Mr. M’Choakumchild (a cruel schoolmaster), Wackford Squeers (another cruel schoolmaster), naughty Master Bates and Dick Swiveller,  and of course tightwad and killjoy Ebeneezer Scrooge.

Since many fantasy novels are being set in an approximation of a Dickens world, here’s some names I randomgenned.


Fantasy names with a Charles Dickens flavor


Willadelle Shyshiver

Princess Toreena

Lallina Vavandant

Twana Darlmeant

Patrensa Redhull

Peradelle Lycon

Genever Tytier

Nyssica Brancowel

Silina Kess

Bithany Helmslock

Adobel Traksnot

Jeseffa Goodspell


Ostius Bloedving

Elimske Gristlethrog

The Marquise of Lethersod

Chausember Hagsoul

Chervel Staphar

Adstan Thaumenflex

Granion Shadtrap

Gerstand Flaasmouth

Lambest Legandar

Thadchent Bronzebloem

Mydenter Ballsod

Halvage Blandblaes

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