Narnian Witches: The White Witch

Artist: Mab Graves

Over the past year I’ve come across many more depictions of my favorite Narnian character, The White Witch, who is open to more interpretations than any of the “good” characters the reader is supposed to align with. The children mostly differ in the color of their hair, while Aslan is nothing other than a golden-maned and golden-pelted lion. (Well, in the stage versions he varies.) The Talking Beasts are always anthropomorphized animals, and the Narnian humans always adhere to types found in a Victorian version of 12th century Europe. But The White Witch, because she is an invador and an alien to Narnia, can be treated more exotically.

Take the illustration at the left by Mab Graves in which both the witch and Edmund have oversized, doll-like heads as if they belong in a children’s book. But instead of being cute, the heaping of treacle makes them eerie.

Art by Cian O’Reilly

This sketch by Cian O’Reilly shows the witch speeding along in her sleigh. She doesn’t need reins to control her reindeer, only an imperious gesture. She’s also overtly sexy with her exposed bosom and thighs.

A narrow and elegant witch that’s more covered up, but still sexy, with the long black hair that’s canon for her.

An ink sketch similar to Pauline Baynes’, but with the witch’s costume taking after the 1988 BBC production.

Another sketch, this time pencil. She could be either in Narnia or Charn, but I’m guessing Narnia because of her fur cape.

White Witch by C. Desiree Blackburn

A lovely painting with a sparsely designed gold crown, black hair, and full red lips. She looks both sensual and cold. Her contracted pupils are especially strange against her pale blue eyes.

The witch as a vamp. Too happy to be evil? The crown of ice crystals growing out of her hair takes after Tilda Swinton’s depiction.

A super photoshopped witch with flying hair and an oversized staff instead of a wand.

A White Witch from a stage production looking more like a run-of-the-mill Snow Queen than an evil Empress who once ruled an entire planet.

This costume shows more originality with its lacy beaded turban dripping with pearls.

Not sure if this is the White Witch, but if so, it’s another fine original costume.

Lastly, the witch as a silhouette, with Edmund in the corner.


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