It Suits Bonzo Well


John Paul Jones, John Bonham, Los Angeles Forum. Photo by Jim Marshall, 25 June 1972.

In spite all of John Bonham’s drunken misbehavior on tour it’s impossible to find any picture of him where he looks caught in the act.  Robert and Jimmy mug and often get snapped in less-than-flattering poses, and John Paul Jones can look ridiculous on occasion, but Bonham just hangs. It’s like he doesn’t want to give anything away, or wants to give the impression he’s just there for the job. Maybe, given the emotional discomfort he experienced on tour, he really didn’t want to be there.

This pic, however, shows him in some outrageous suit whose era is unclear, as well as a safari pith hat and the type of shoes once known in England as “brothel creepers.”  Even in this he keeps his dignity.

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