AI Art Adventures: Thangka Lions

A thangka is a Tibetan religious panting depicting a Buddhist deity or concept. It’s usually done on fabric in bright pigments.

To my surprise, I generated a dozen of these using the following prompt:

Lion, human head of Tibetan King Songtsen Gampo, who is credited with bringing Buddhism to Tibet in the late Eighties. The character is very similar to that of Berserk, with red monks clothes, extremely detailed digital painting, vibrant colors, in the style of Alena Aenami and Ross Tran.

The first sentence came from a text generator, and the second, was the artistic elaboration of it when I entered that sentence into one of my favorite prompt extenders/art generators, Magic Diffusion.

Songsten Gampo turned out to be an ancient Tibetan king, and Berserk an anime series, but I’ve no idea who the two artists are. Whoever they were, Magic Diffusion made a lot of Buddhist lion entities.

It goes to show you how little I understand this stuff and how much of it, perhaps, is not able to be understood at all.


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