Jadis 2022: Rising

Art work by Emily Keown

Some new images of Jadis I found, this post concentrating on more graphic and comic depictions. First, thisĀ  Joker-faced, sneering White Witch who is glamorous but creepy.

Art by Christopher Ables

Another cartoon Jadis, this one better-looking and imperious rather than maniacal. She reminds of Yzma in The Emperor’s New Groove.

Artwork by Liliribs

A simple but very effective Jadis by Liliribs, part of a monthlong art challenge in which each day the artist creates a different character according to a pre-determined list.

Artwork by Jordan Jones

An elaborately costumed Japanese-inspired Jadis that includes a reference to the Japanese flag, or the red sun of Charn. I like the costume and headress but remember, Queen Jadis was a warrior and general as well as monarch; she had to move, and move swiftly. In that costume there’s no way she wield that oversize sword, run through the halls of her palace, or hijack a London cab.

The White Witch of Narnia - sketch in pencil

The White Witch of Narnia, by Cherryclaires

A deceptively innocent Jadis on her throne after she became The White Witch. Even with her doll-like appearance she doesn’t seem very welcoming.

Sketch by Voz

From a storyboard by the artist. Jadis as seductress with Edmund in her clutches, just as she’s about to generate a hot drink for him. Even though the sketch is simple, all the dynamics of the scene are there: the gloating dwarven driver; the imperious Queen who’s thinking of her next move, only playing at kindness; and Edmund’s eager acceptance.

Art by Elyk Rindon

White Witch vs. Lion in this composite drawing.

Finally, Jadis and one of her victims.

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