Jadis 2022: Ascent

Though Jadis is called The White Witch, her evil is strong enough that black may be a more likely color than white for her costume. In the conceptual sketch above her gown is formfitting at the bust, but otherwise prim, and black. Her crown is gold, her cape and face white, her hair and lips dark red.

Again she wears a black gown and white fur cape. Her hair is white, but her eyebrows, eyelashes, lips and choker are dark, like those of a White Goth. Is it me or does she resemble Sarah Jessica Parker?

Here she has a tight, uncomfortable-looking Elizabethean collar as well as a black dress, bringing to mind the Tudor age.

I am not sure if this painting was intended as Jadis, but if so, she’s a Bohemian Jadis, with long black hair or veil, and a chilly demeanor as she sits on a throne of ice.

Artwork by Jenna Mueller

Four different designs for Jadis, each in a different costume with faces that differ slightly. I don’t what grade the student got for her project but I hope it was an A+. Click on the picture to see the larger version.

But the traditional “Snow Queen” look is nice too, like this regal getup which has a Russian flavor.

A variation on movie Jadis.

This artist has adhered closely to Pauline Baynes’ style, but gives Jadis a huge sword and a cloak of Arctic cats, I guess? Plus some really elaborate footgear. It’s different, and looks good.

A long poster showing Jadis’s gown showing the events of the story as pictures on Jadis’s gown, in chilly blues and grays plus black and white.

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