Worldbuilding Wednesday 6/8/22: Narnian Magic (Narnia XXXI)

Edmund being healed by a drop from Lucy’s magic vial, even though he has no visible wound.

I haven’t heard much about campaign settings based in Narnia, as opposed to those set in Middle-Earth. Something about Narnia resists this, either the religosity,  or the set-in-stone nature of the plot. But if someone did, here is some magic that might be used there.


Narnian Magic for an RPG

Cry of Bacchus: Allows the caster to yell a loud, ululating cry of “Eu-wan! Oi-oi-oi-oi!” that will make everyone hearing it rush to drink whatever alcoholic beverage is available to them until they are good and drunk.

Trufflehunter’s Peachstone: A nondescript brown rock that resembles the center of a peach or nectarine, this magic item was created by Aslan to honor the hero of the Narnian-Telmarine war. It grants the owner the bravery and steadfastness of a badger in combat and can also detect ripe truffles in wooded areas.

Heart of Wonderment: Imbues the recipient with a child-like awe and respect of the world, making it impossible for them to think evil thoughts or do evil deeds.

Create Talking Serpent: When Aslan imbued certain Narnian animals with human speech and intellect, he left out members of the Ophidian kingdom. This spell will do the same to any snake.

Shoes of the Reindeer: Magical gold shoes similar to horseshoes but made for the cloven hooves of reindeer. Used by The White Witch to enable her team to carry her sled over any kind of cold or icy medium.

Glenstorm’s Social Candor: A spell that enables the recipient to speak clearly, gravely, and respectfully while giving an honest opinion to others.

Sylvan Courage: The recipient’s bravery is boosted as long as they remain in a forested area or with creatures of the forest like dryads, fauns, and satyrs.

Fiery Cup: A parlor trick based on the magic of The White Witch. Makes a chalice, cup or flagon appear to burn brightly for a second as if the contents are made of pure flame.

Kiss of the Star’s Daughter: When a recipient of this spell kisses another, they leave a small glowing silver imprint on the recipient’s cheek which lasts for 24 hours.

Horn of the Hamadryad: When sounded, it will magically summon hamadryads out of their trees. (Note that some might be irritated with the blower at being disturbed.)

Fledge’s Deeper Magic: A powerful spell that gives any Talking Beast a pair of permanent bird’s wings that enable it to fly as well as an eagle.

King Peter’s Instant Law of Chivalry: Forces evil or duplicitous creatures to act without cheating in any competition or contest.

Quiver of the Ancient Tombs: This cursed artifact was found in the beehive-shaped tombs just outside the city of Tashbaan. Any arrows put in here will always cause maximum damage to their target when they hit, but the same amount of damage will be distributed evenly amongst the owner’s immediate companions.

Galman Holly: This plant is larger than Narnian holly and has a blueish cast. When it is steeped in wine it gives the wine hallucinogenic properties so the drinker hears and sees lifelike visions, so lifelike they are convinced they have received a true prophecy.

Voice of the Lion: Makes the caster’s voice sound as commanding and beguiling as Aslan’s.

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