Worldbuilding Wednesday 5/11/22: Random Playlist Songs


Elf ear earbuds are now a Thing.

Sometimes, when you’re writing, you need an imaginary playlist, or a song from someone’s playlist. Here’s a few that were originally randomgenned as spells, but didn’t make the sense they should have. I intended these to be in the Song – Artist format (Hey Jude – The Beatles) but you could reverse the order, I guess.


Random Songs from Someone’s Playlist

Speak with Men – Manateez

Control Dirt – Pterosaurs

Super Intelligence – Tame Monkeys

Transform a Faun – The Grab Dragons

The Exorcism Dancers – Wrack Room

Grease Fire – Blacksmith

Pulverize – Bison

Whisperfly – Defense Shield

Size – Animate

Act Like a Dancer – Keep Paintbox

Invisible Whip – Telepathy

Eternal Youth – Cauterize Skeletons

Summon and Weaken – Create Blindness (f. Rebel Phoenix)

Melt – The Pro-Mushroom Men

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