Worldbuilding Wednesday 4/13/22: Undead Magic

Blow it all out

Undead are some of the most terrifying creatures in the AD&D universe. Yet, there doesn’t seem to be much magic that deals with them. So here’s a few randomgenned spells created on the fly.


Undead Magic

Hair of the Skeleton: Strands of hair still existing on the skull of an otherwise defleshed skeleton can be used in many spells influencing the undead, as well as Hair Growth.

Apparition Funnel: When encountering multiple ghosts, spectres, apparaitions, or phantoms — undead with a noncorporeal body — this clerical spell makes them move as a group into a specific area where they can be dealt with as a unit.

Walking Corpse: This spell can be used by either magic users or clerics. It makes a corpse stand up and walk. There is nothing magical or supernatural about the corpse, and it won’t attack or defend itself.  Also known as False Zombie, it is capable of fooling less experienced characters.

Ears of the Vampire: This spell lets the caster hear the flow of blood in a being’s body from several yards away.

Torus Phantom: Transforms a regular phantom into a ring shape that can travel more quickly through the air.

Poltergeist Odyssey: This high level cleric spell sends the poltergeists occupying a dwelling on a quest of the caster’s own making.

Drums of the Walking Dead: Looks like an ordinary pair of tomtom drums, but the drumheads are made of cured human skin. By playing them a mage or cleric can create, and control, up to two dozen zombies depending on their level. The drums are playable only by Evil-aligned beings.

Tunnel of Unavoidable Chanting: With this spell a cleric can create an invisible tunnel filled with the sound of holy chanting along a path, hall, or other passageway. Undead passing through will receive the effects of the chant, good or bad.

The Purple Necromancer’s Coffin Tap: A creation of this illustrious yet obscure mage, coffin tap does just that, creating an intermittent, random tapping noise coming from the inside of a coffin, casket, sarcophagus, or any other receptacle containing a corpse.

Vampire Vacillation: Confuses any kind of supernatural vampiric being for several rounds.

Nature of the Wight: Enables the caster to know a wight’s history and powers.

Phantasmal Lens: When squinted through, this lets the user see invisible undead. However, they must make a saving throw vs. fear or drop it in fright, shattering it permanently.

Mummy Breath: A high-level clerical spell that is much feared. Anyone the caster breaths on will turn into a dead, dry husk of themselves and fall to the ground lifeless.

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