Worldbuilding Wednesday 2/2/22: Emotions You Never Knew You Had

Plutschik Wheel

The Plutchik Wheel of emotional states, a useful tool for therapists, and writers.

There’s a meme that keeps coming around, a list of terms for emotions that other cultures have, but not the English-speaking world. One of them is the marvelous term Schadenfreude, from German, that means the shameful joy you feel at another’s distress — like, say, Sarah Palin contracting COVID. Unlike many of the other feelings on the list, it’s one that’s actually worked its way into American culture, and seems here to stay.

So, in the spirit of fun, here are some randomgenned emotions in the same vein, filled out with some creative aryopschia.


Emotions you never knew you had

Triscience:  The discovery that a cruel, hated teacher is actually deeply unhappy

Udransis:  The fearful urge to run away from a stranger with facial hair

Opealisma:  When you feel skeptical of a sibling’s seeming neglect of you and feel it’s all just an act to get your attention

Elosis: The nauseating feeling that comes from attending a friend’s wedding when your own romantic situation is deeply shameful

Uchopsia:  The anxious vulnerability that comes with eating your favorite food in a public place and fearing someone you know will pass by and you’ll be obliged to exchange pleasantries with them while your food gets cold

Blanguine:  A state of complacency experienced by walking in the rain with no protection, but knowing that the weather will change soon.

Shriritia:  Feeling an improper desire in the presence of a member of the opposite sex who is sweating heavily

Yecszaty:  The unabashed urge to kiss a dying enemy and thank them

Cryregalosmamic:  Feeling too cold on Christmas morning to get out of bed and go downstairs to open your presents

Drafiolism:  Desperation one feels after graduating from a course of study and realizing you have no career plan

Aryopschia:  When you feel artistically inspired by the depth of a celebrity’s or other public figure’s grief

Odardstät:  The sudden urge to talk to a political figure and note the odor of their breath

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