Women of The Witcher


Adda the White

Cosplayer, photographer, and stylist Milligan Vick of Deviantart has created some mesmerizing portraits of The Witcher’s female characters, like the one of Adda the White at the top. Adda, for those who don’t remember Season 1 on Netflix, is the king’s daughter who becomes a striga, a vampirelike supernatural being whom Geralt must defeat, and cure. This portrait (not based on the TV show) seems to show her knowledge that she is changing in how she is hovering protectively over her meat, which is raw. There is tension in her face, and confusion, but she cuts into it anyway. I love the contrast of light and dark here, the red hair with red lips, dress, and gloves, while the meat is a different shade of pinkish-red. I mistook it at first for an oil painting, it’s that smooth and composed. The unadorned white plate, the silver utensils, the lonely pork chop, are Magritte-like in their simplicity and sense of surrealism, and that’s why I like it.

Below, portraits of two more lovelies.

Yennefer of Vengerberg

Princess Cirilla (Ciri)


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