Worldbuilding Wednesday 12/1/21: The Best of Twittersnips (Real World Locations)

Sometimes real world locations, built by human sweat with human dollars, can be as fantastic as any of those of fantasy. Take this pyramid at the river’s edge in Memphis, Tennessee, for example. Or these imaginary, yet plausible, places below.

(I really beg for someone to name their Los Angeles coffeehouse The Wrecking Brew.)


Real World Locations

Vandermoor Square
The Terminal at Circle Chapel
Prairie Pond Place
The Old Bishop’s Royal Rectory
Vilpuri Brewery
The Siren’s Cove
Gloucester Coomb
The Amberlay Beeches
Rachele Park
Sarpensky Polytechnic
Caravae School of Fine Art
The Wrecking Brew (Coffeeshop)
The Prince Charles River (Canadian location)

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