Worldbuilding Wednesday 9/8/21: Models of the 1960s

Fashion models of the 1960s were a special breed. They may not have been conventionally pretty, but they stood out as individuals in a way the models of the 1950s never did. Donyale Luna (left) and Benedetta Barzini (right) certainly did with their sculptural poise and elegance. Unfortunately Luna met a sad end in the late 1970s, while Barzini went on to a second career as a university lecturer.

Where did David Bowie get his pre-Ziggy Stardust inspiration from? It could have been the mimelike poses of model Peggy Moffitt, above, or the impish cupie-doll / silent movie look of Cathee Dahmen, below. (Dahmen, who may have been the first Native American supermodel, has a backstory worthy of a Hollywood biopic.)

Many models of the era adopted one-word monikers, like Twiggy (Leslie Hornby) and German model Uschi (Ursula Obermaier) while others altered the spelling of their birth names to stand out from the crowd. Others were just as happy to use the names they were born with. Sixties models were also the first truly international group and their names reflect this.

Need a model? Look below.


Fashion Models of the 1960s

Colette Jazz

Peggy Chad

Lois Job

Raven Iverley

Quincy Cloudletter

Patricia Strong

Leslie Heinrik

Paula Salt


Jill Cathcart


Cecilia Spear

Spya Epet

Elke Yor

Maria Crisp

Christina Stagberg

Erika Knorr


Anna Quick

Cara Bluff

Lass Jyski

Bernadette Papp

Sandy Wiss

Cindi Chen

Lamb Ulrich

Amber Othley

Rachel Woolsilk

Ashly Ivis

Cathy Strappel

Macy Pizetti

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