Worldbuilding Wednesday 7/7/21: Seals of the Seven Lords (Narnia XXI)

One of the ways The Voyage of the Dawn Treader movie differs from the book is the role the Seven Lost Lords play. In the book, the lords, who opposed Miraz the Usurper, are exiled and depart on a sea voyage to explore the east, only to disappear; they are the impetus for Caspian to make his own voyage to find out what happened to them.

In the 2010 movie, the lords’ exile brings them first to the Lone Isles, where they hear of a mysterious Green Mist (a movie invention) **  that is kidnapping people and swear together to destroy it. They travel to Coriakin’s island where the wizard tells them their swords, grouped together at Aslan’s Table on Ramandu’s Isle, are the key, but the mission fails before they can reach it, and so Caspian must pick up the task. It’s a nonsensical plot twist that destroys the Pilgrim’s Progress feel of the original book, turning it into a run-of-the-mill adventure with a big epic battle at the end between dragon and sea serpent. Which was all WRONG. Really, a dragon vs. a sea serpent? Roast unagi sushi anyone?

I prefer the book version, in case you haven’t guessed.

Not much is known of these lords, and no one in Caspian’s party mourns the two of them who died in horrific ways: Restimar, who leapt, naked, into a pond that turns things into gold, and Octesian, who was either killed by a dragon, or turned into the old dragon that Eustace-as-dragon later *ate.* The moral and gustatory complications of which Lewis never explored with poor Eustace. I mean, if I was turned into a dragon that later ate a dead dragon, who used to be human, I’d be pretty nauseated and/or upset about it.

Lord Restimar’s demise differed slightly in the movie, where he was depicted as clothed gold statue who had gone down on one knee to touch the water. In the book, he was naked, having jumped in.

Movie Restimar.

Book Restimar. The text says he dived in with his arms above his head, but let’s imagine here he undressed, stepped in, and started to wash his face.

As for the other lords, fortunate Lord Bern retired from the quest at the Lone Isles and was portrayed sympathetically. Rhoop was trapped in the shadows of Dark Isle and later received mercy at Ramandu’s Isle, where the remaining three lords had fallen into an enchanted sleep. Rhoop joined them, and they were restored on Caspian’s return.

To give the Telmar lords some personality I randomgenned seals/crests for them that sync with their later adventures.  Because the Telmarines were afraid of the sea, the forests, and didn’t believe in mythic creatures, those elements are not present.


Coats of Arms for The Seven Lost Lords

Bern:  Three green shamrocks separated by diagonal bars

Octesian:  Four interlocked octagons in different colors

Restimir:   A golden comet between two oxen

Rhoop:  Shield against a purple cloud

Mavramorn:  Wolf’s head surrounded by twelve swords with their tips pointing inward

Revilian:  A lance above a lily on a field of blue

Argoz:  Crossbow inside an inverted triangle


Coats of Arms for other Telmarine Lords

The two sneaky guys who betrayed King Miraz

Glozelle:  A snake and a flame separated by a green diagonal stripe

Sopespian:  A bonfire on a background of scarlet and white stripes


Other Lords

Belisar:  Scarlet fern frond on a field of white

Uvilas:  Gloved hand holding a hunting horn

Arlian: Full moon on a dark blue background surrounded by four silver stars

Erimon:  Elm tree and a golden ewer

Passarid:  Songbird above a yellow trillium flower, on a russet background

** The Green Mist was to serve as a tie-in to the next movie of the series, The Silver Chair, where it is discovered to be an invention of The Lady of the Green Kirtle. That movie seems to have been put on hold.

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