Queen Susan the Vain

Artwork by aylatha

That’s what this playing card design seems to say.

I would sort the suits as follows, however: Susan as diamonds (her beauty); Lucy as hearts (her spirit and kindness); Peter as spades (because the pointy tip is like his sword, and it’s the coolest of the cards); and Edmund as clubs, because it’s the leftover one, plus it’s kind of somber, traditionally representing the clergy.

In the suits, the kids would the kings. The queens would be notable secondary characters: Tumnus for Lucy, Aslan for Peter, the White Witch for Edmund, the Beavers for Susan. The joker card would be Emperor-over-sea.

The jacks might be the magic gifts: sword and shield for Peter, diamond vial for Lucy, horn and bow for Susan, stone table for Edmund (because he was supposed to be sacrificed there.) Or they could be the suits of the cards instead of hearts-diamonds-spades-clubs. If so, the jacks might be notable Talking Beasts: Reepicheep, Trufflehunter, etc.

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