Worldbuilding Wednesday 5/5/21: The Best of Twittersnips (B-Movie Madness)

Add an “e” to the end of Arous and you get Arouse. Subliminal advertising?

I have to admit this old poster is pretty creepy, not because of the flying brain with its two beady eyes, but the Satanic face of the child with its filed, oddly spaced teeth. At least, I think it’s a child.

Old, schlocky, crowd-pleasing, over-the-top movies are a special interest of mine, which is why I randomgenned a lot of them. From 2017 – 2020.


Imaginary B-movies

Martial Arts
Warrior of the Left Foot Way
The Dirty Bodyguards
Million Scorpion Revolution
Monkey Kick Boy
Siege of the Swordmasters
Science Fiction
The Day Planet X Caught Fire
Rise of the Venusians
The Vault Raiser
The She-Devil vs. Lucifer
Frankenstein’s Cheerleaders
Eye of the Wendigo
The Zombie that Ate the 5th Dimension
Dr. Death vs. Satan
Killer Demons from the Pyramids
1960s Exploitation
Pussycat Ka-Pow!
Vampire Love-In from Beyond
Satan’s in the Streets
The Rider Who Ran to the Demonstration
It’s a UFO Orgy, Baby!
The Love Bug Game
Turn Me On, Hustler
The Jealous Hour
Israeli Comedy
The Last Schnitzel in Golan Heights
Spaghetti Western
The Last Lemon Tree in Mexico

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