Worldbuilding Wednesday 5/12/21: Druid Magic

As prevalent as druids are in fantasy literature and gaming, very little is known of them from the historical record. What we do know comes from the accounts of the Romans who colonized Europe and Britain. They were famously derisive of the native tribes, seeing them as little more than uncouth barbarians, and also had an axe to grind as, thanks to them, the Empire’s frontiers were never as settled and stable as the Roman emperors hoped them to be. What we do know is this: Druids served as religious, cultural, legal, and medical authorities and held a high rank in Celtic society. Druid training was secret and they kept no written records.

In contemporary fantasy and gaming, druids are considered priests of nature and worship the elements. Here’s some randomgenned spells for them.


Druid Magic

Heldagara’s Flattering Beard: Druids are known for their rough and ascetic lifestyles which makes their demeanor often ragged and unkempt. This spell cleans and brightens the beard of male druids and arranges it in an attractive way, adding to their charisma.

Heldagara’s Flattering Locks: As the above, but for female druids. Both can be used together for druids with long hair and long beards.

Zinstry’s Spinning Leopards: Can a leopard change its spots? This spell causes leopards to rotate so rapidly their spots turn into a striped blur.

Mystic Muscle: This special prayer amps the druid’s strength up to 18 while it is being chanted.

Barrow to Barrow: A complicated and exacting spell used only by high-level druid leaders, this spell allows instantaneous travel between two or more barrows (xx) for the duration. Barrows must be still in use and fully consecrated for the spell to work.

Oakscript: Carves a message or runes of any kind down the length of an oak tree’s trunk.

Transform Magma into Seafoam: Useful when trapped by flowing lava. The seafoam also hardens and cools the lava surrounding the area.

Transplant Dragon Hide: Strips the hide from a (hopefully deceased) dragon and transfers it to the skin of another creature, allowing them a dragon’s scaly defenses. The transfer is permanent and the hide will grow and maintain itself over the creature’s own skin.

Vyvril’s Mild Milk: Makes sour milk drinkable again.

Dominate Infant: Human infants are fussy and demanding creatures. This spell ensures they eat, drink, sleep, and defecate on schedule with no surprises.

Wring Flesh: A torture spell that makes the victim fell as if their entire body is being twisted between two giant hands like a wet rag.

Umberops’ Golden Calm: Induces an instant state of deep meditation for the caster or another.

Centipede Cloud: This deadly spell creates a cloud of writhing poisonous centipedes and hurls it in the direction of the target.

Attract Parrot: This minor spell will attract birds of the psittacine variety to the caster, even intelligent ones.

Concentrate of Universal Refreshing: No matter what ails a creature, this potion will restore and refresh them. It neutralizes poisons, cures sickness, heals wounds, removes curses, and brings any being up to full energy and strength.


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