Worldbuilding Wednesday 12/23/20: Christmas Songs

Harry Potter seduces Professor Snape

Harry Potter seduces Professor Snape with the Christmas gift of a book

Most Christmas songs are recognizable by their titles. There’s something Merry, something Snow, maybe something God or Jesus. Sometimes there’s an anomaly, like “I Want a Hippopptamus for Christmas.” But mostly it’s white bread.

Here’s some titles yet to be used for your self-created Christmas tunes.


Christmas Carols

Young Father Christmas

The Old Gray Sled

A Shiny Christmas All Around Us

Peaceful Mary by the Fire

Twenty Boughs of Holly

March ‘round the Eggnog Bowl

The Fifty Bells of Christmas

Ho Ho Ho in the Snow

A Jack Frost Holiday

Krampus Down the Mountain

In the Snow is a Manger

Old White Pine Tree

What Reindeer Said This?

Jolly Joyful Old St. Nick

The Bright Town of Bethlehem

Blessed Are the Elves Who Work on Christmas Eve

Father Christmas is Coming

Snoopy’s Sleigh Ride

Young and Jolly Sinter Klaas

Peaceful are the Wise Men

Ho Ho Holly Evergreen

Hang a Child’s Silver Star


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