Worldbuilding Wednesday 11/11/20: The Best of Twittersnips (Crime Novels)


I like how casually this woman is aiming the gun. The illustrator caught her right at the moment before she pulls the trigger. How cold-blooded and hard looking she is! This is one tough cookie.  Usually crime pulp cover women are plumper-cheeked and younger: Dames. This woman is firmly in Broad territory.

Incidentally, I’ve noticed how many female bulldogs are given names that sound like they belong to gangster’s molls, like Zelda or Sophie, while male bulldogs have short, macho-sounding names like Chunk, Tank, or Diesel.

Anyway, nothing makes one want to pick up a crime novel more than the title. The author, blurb, and cover are secondary … even, sadly, the cover above. If the main story was “The Broad Aimed for Death” and not “House of Scarlet Sin” I’d be more likely to read it.

Here’s a selection of randomly generated crime novels that appeared in my Twitter feed 2017 – 2020.


Crime and Detective Novels

The Dame in the Coney Island Ticket Booth

Farewell and Bang Bang

Murder at the National Aquarium

Ballad of the Badge

Recipe for Deceit

Small Detective in the Big City

Murder of a Texas Temptress

Murder in a Silk Shirt

The Tai Chi Murders

The Pizza Gambit


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