Worldbuilding Wednesday 10/7/20: Cocktails


Cocktails, or mixed alcoholic drinks, are one of those workhorse culinary items whose exact origin is unknown. Most pinpoint it to the United States in the early 19th century. But it wasn’t until the 20th century until they really took off, especially after WWII when boozing and socializing went hand-in-hand with the middle class suburban set. Home bars and mixology waned in popularity after Woodstock, eclipsed by pot and coke. Cocktails were seen as fusty, old-fashioned, and establishment. If alcohol was served at parties, it was guzzled, not savored.

But mixed drinks made a surprising resurgence post – 9/11, reaching new and baroque heights like the Bloody Mary concoction in the picture, which comes with chicken wings, avocados, and battered shrimp on a stick. In recent years The Sugar Factory chain of restaurants upped the ante with rainbow-hued, highly alcoholic drinks that spumed smoke and dripped with toys and candy. Sadly, the COVID pandemic brought all this to a screeching halt. Can the cocktail survive personal distancing and closed social venues?

In case it does, here’s a list of mixed drinks that might come to be.


Mixed Drinks

Texas Flirt

Psycho Monty

Singapore Shake

Chocolate Dawn


White Jungle

Harvey Gumshoe

Rolling Redhead

Rumpled Bed

Sugarplum Slip

Salty Sniper

Sleepy Hustler

Ruby Shaker


Burning Nun

Brazilian Hipster

Spendy Mistress

Moscow by Moonlight

Hawaiian Uncle

Raspberry Sucker

Whiskey Shooter

Fruit Yeti

Frisco Cola

Acapulco Ice

Sour Cherry Slammer

Ugly Bastard

Red Crawler

Lazy Thunder

Slippery Wolf

Russian Licorice


Timely Swinger

Screwy Sandy

Pink Bliss

Northern Yoga

Cranberry Screamer

Blue Shag Carpet

American Newton

Lazy Bastard


Brooklyn Brown

Jamaican Rosie

Blown Kiss

Miami Red

Lemon Margaret

Jackfruit Tommie


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