Worldbuilding Wednesday 9/16/20: Narnia XVI

Aslan investigates the famous pools of Kallumia on Tashbaan’s west side.

Lewis never again got as exotic in the Chronicles as he did in with Calormen. The Valley of Ten Thousand Perfumes, Lake Mezreel, the crossroads city of Azim Balda, the Flaming Mountain of Lagour… these places don’t come into the plots, they are mentioned only in passing. But they do add to the richness.

Writing fanfic set in Narnia’s south and need some local color? Here’s a list.


Calormene Local Color

The Ruby Cliffs of Rekayet

Princess Shiralan

The Iron Whips of Al-Arazhka

The Tale of Tarkheena Tabna and the Ghostly Maiden

The Weeping Cliffs

The Pools of Kallumia


Desert of Pyrheel

The five daughters of Chaldmash

The Floating Gardens of Tarkhaan Kallak

Spring of the Blind Stallion

The Salt Pans of Minzhez


Gardens of Tiszrush


Scirocco of Qazar

Muhmet the Frugal Tarkhaan

Temple of the Divine Fakir

The Nine Peaks of Anshanu


The Widow’s Barge

The Prophetess Lajandra

Zorbya of the Griffon

Battle of El-Mashyd

Prince Dariq the Madman

City of Chiraz

Tursheen the Lunar Dancer

The Ivory Dunes

Cheminhara, the Wasteland of the Lost Camel


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