The Many Faces of the White Witch – Part IV

Let’s finish this series about the White Witch with some odds and ends. First up, this depiction of Snow White’s evil queen by artist Colleen Doran. She’s holding up a bloody heart by a string. Though not Lewis’s character, she could very well be her, and the heart would be Edmund’s or Aslan’s.

Next, a “living statue” Snow Queen. These characters busk on street corners by remaining still as long as possible, periodically changing their poses. Their clothes are treated with paint and stiffeners to remain rigid.

Keeping in the theme of icicle crowns, here’s a very icy, very crystalline White Witch whose image as Empress might be hampered by the fact she’s wearing no clothes. In the text of the book, though, Lewis specifically says she wears a gold crown.

An abstracted illustration by fan artist Rachel Elese Morales.

The witch hams it up with the Pevensie children, resplendent in her gown of white fur.

Very spooky bird-faced White Witch. It’s a high-fashion getup meant to be seen on the runway and nowhere else.

Below are three horny White Witches, all in Heavy Metal magazine getups.  I am sure the crucifix witch #3 wears is meant ironically.

In a bit of stage magic, the witch below rises above the competition in a gown whose skirt is emblazoned with images of spooky monsters.

Concept artist Justin Sweet’s White Witch, looking more a vampish Dragon Lady. Pity this depiction was shelved in favor of Tilda Swinton’s.

The White Witch meets her demise in the 2005 movie. We don’t see what happens to her after Aslan knocks her down (the book doesn’t say either) but the movie suggests Aslan eats her.

That’s all, folks!

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