Worldbuilding Wednesday 5/13/20:The Best of Twittersnips (Magical Clothing and Accessories)

magic ring chart by matthew schmeer

The superb AD&D magic ring chart redone as a vintage comic book last page ad, by Matthew Schmeer. Graphic design for geeks at its most clever.

Magic clothing and accessories are a staple in fantasy. There’s the Tarnkappe of German legend, Cinderella’s glass slipper, and various gloves, cloaks, shoes, hats and girdles that helped the heroes and heroines of myth achieve their tasks. Tolkien played with that rift in The Hobbit, where Frodo acquires a magic ring by bumbling, less than honorable means; later, in the LOTR trilogy, there’s more rings (of course) and enchanted Elvish cloaks and boots, all of which became basal elements in the AD&D gaming universe.

Here’s some favorite randomly-generated items from my twitter feed, 2017 – 2020.


Magical Clothing and Accessories

Cape of the Unicorn:  Enables the wearer to assume the outward form of a unicorn. However, it does not grant unicorn magical powers or movement.

Pendant of the Magpie:  When worn, this bird-shaped charm makes the wearer experience a craving to steal small, shiny objects. Adds a +3 to thieving skills.

Ring of Dwarf Form:  When worn, the wearer becomes a dwarfed version of their normal self. Note that true dwarves probably won’t be fooled.

Ring of Monk Stance:  Enables the wearer to assume the threatening poses of a monk skilled in martial arts. However, it does not confer actual fighting ability.

Robe of the Gymnast:  When worn, the wearer can tumble, cartwheel, and caper as well as a professional acrobat. Highly prized by cat burglars.

Robe of the Prairie:  Makes the wearer blend in with wind-blown grasses and disguises their voice to sound like a grouse’s call.

Shoes of the Whistler:  When worn, enables the wearer to correctly whistle, note for note, any tune heard in its entirety.

Skullcap of the Elf:  When worn, this hat makes the wearer’s ears look as long and pointy as those of an elf.

Trousers of the Lamprey:  Causes the wearer’s legs to temporarily morph into two bloodsucking lampreys.


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