Worldbuilding Wednesday 1/29/20: Minor Magic Spells

The Laughing Fool, by Jacob Cornelisz van Oostsanen

Oddball spells to use and abuse.


Minor and Mundane Magic Spells

Lungs of the Jester: Allows the caster to tell jokes in a loud voice that carries over the noise of a crowd, and the jokes will always come out amusing.

Olnatra’s Cold-blooded Pancake: Turns any normal-sized cold-blooded animal (reptiles, amphibians, fish, insects) into a pancake for the duration of the spell, squishing them into a flat, round, harmless form.

Jopal’s Irritating Rune: This rune creates such agitation in whoever sees it that their reaction checks are compromised.

Wall of Ash: Creates a wall from the ashes of a campfire approximately 8’ x 20’. It has no substance to it but can obscure vision for a few seconds. Creatures passing through it will cough and choke.

Fairy Flask: Shrinks a normal potion down to micro size, altering the dosage so a fairy can take it safely.

Tenacious Scrimshaw: Protects any carving done on a sea mammal’s tooth for up to 100 years.

Parsimonious Enchantment: When cast in conjunction with a spell that requires physical components, this spell reduces the amount used by 10%.

Phoryind’s Hail-the-Castle: Projects the caster’s friendly greeting from the front gate of a castle up to the top.

Avian Blindness: The target of this spell will not see any birds for the duration of the spell. However, they can still sense them in other ways.

Bed of Shadow: Creates a resting place from intangible shadows. Anyone sleeping there will appear as a shadow as well.


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