Worldbuilding Wednesday 1/15/20: Martial Arts Movies

Martial arts movies (kung fu in Hong Kong, wu xia pian in Mandarin) burst onto the international scene in the 1960s and early 1970s with the rise of charismatic actor Bruce Lee (he’s at the center of the pic above wielding nunchucks.) If you were not alive at the time, it’s hard to understand the impact he had. Kung fu schools sprang up in the most unlikely of places, and stores, too, selling exotic equipment such as ninja throwing stars. In metropolitan areas, there was always a UHF Fists of Fury Theater or the like broadcasting old movies on Saturday afternoons. A hit song, Kung Fu Fighting, was composed about the craze. Above it all, Bruce Lee reigned as the undisputed king, even after his death in 1973. **

The names of those movies shared common elements. Animals, types of fighters, locations were mixed and matched, often having the slimmest of relations to the movie’s content. Here’s some I generated myself.


Martial Arts movies that were never made

Inn of the Curious Dragon

Steel Monkey

Dirty Tiger

Black Iron Venom Boxer

House of Silent Blades

Two-Phoenix Fist

Tiger Town Beggar

Clan of the Red Dagger

Fox Flower Protectress

The Volcano Gang

Rogue Monkey Temple

One-Eyed Snow Hero

The Blind Leopard

Undisputed Street Fighter

The Red Kickboxer

Cousin of the Jade Panther

Blood of the Young Knight

Hyena Mountain Fighter

Invincible Cabal from Shantung

Number Five Octagon

Bodyguard of the Little Buddha

Kwangtung Blades

Drunken Force

Lotus Mask

Sisters of the Jade Wolf

Iron Under Fire

Cousin to the Bear

Sister Chrysanthemum

Clan of the Hand

Bangkok Buddha

The Big Boss of Little Tokyo

Ox Statue Butcher

** Another King, Elvis Presley, earned an eight-degree black belt in karate.

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