Worldbuilding Wednesday 1/1/20: Video Games

The late, lamented Simpsons Grand Theft Auto parody.

The names of modern video games share a certain something. They are vague enough to serve any kind of content, yet intriguing enough to pique one’s attention. They are abstract, yet speak of journeys and quests, battles, danger. They are mostly male and refer to male myths and archetypes.

I present a list of randomly generated titles in you need one for any use. (They also would work well for anime or manga titles.)


Video Games

Paths to Annihilation

Galaxy Ninja

Beyond the Field of Vision

Eclipse of Honor

Blades of Apocalypse

Midnight Titans

Pilot of Chaos

Vampire Colossus

Ace Challenger Battlesuit

Recalcitrant Code

Above Honor

Zero Loop Darkness

Vector Runner

From the Siege of Darkness

Wizard Weyr

Gladiator Tank

Particle Assault

Wolf Village Warriors

Ultimate Rise

Sons of Extremis

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