Worldbuilding Wednesday 12/25/19: The Best of
xxxxTwittersnips (Spells II)

Mornaieus Unholy Heart, when cast by an evil cleric, corrupts even the noblest Paladin.

I know it is Christmas and therefore this list should be something related to that. OTOH, who can resist a bunch of weird spells culled from my daily Twitter feed through 2019?


Magic Spells II

Honoyin’s Screaming Toad: Makes an ordinary toad emit a loud scream when some event occurs (trespassers enter, a fire is lit, etc.)

Prudent Path: Enables the caster to choose the safest way through an area if given a choice of several trails.

Teriffaden’s Dirty Fire: A magical fire that burns dirt instead of wood. The flames are brown in color.

Persuasive Raiment: Changes the caster’s clothing so they can blend easily into a crowd.

Mornaieu’s Unholy Heart: When cast on a cleric of good alignment, this spell inches them gradually toward chaotic evil.

Sightcount: Allows the user to count items with a single glance. The most powerful version allows them to sightcount up to 100,000.

Gem of Random Shapechanging: Disguises a valuable gem as a small, worthless item like pebble, matchstick, corn kernel, etc. varying the form throughout the duration of the spell.

Closet of Interdimensional Terror: Turns an ordinary closet into a torture chamber that reduces victims to gibbering fright-filled idiots.

Muncie’s Fanged Mummy: Gives any undead mummy poisonous fangs and a +2 to strike.

Mortal Debridement: Cleanses the soul of past sins, but at great pain to the recipient. (Clerical spell)


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