Worldbuilding Wednesday 12/18/19: The Best of
xxxxTwittersnips (Spells I)

This situation calls for… EYES OF THE SQUID!

The fun of creating randomly generated magic spells derives from trying to figure out what they do from two or three words. Sometimes it’s self-evident: Robe of the Gymnast. Other times, I need to think a little: Aelart’s Fairy Feet. This was inspired by a scene in the Angelina Jolie fantasy movie Maleficent, where one of the three guardian fairies, transforming back to her fairy form from a large, clumsy humans, chirps how happy she is that her feet are back to normal.

I culled these magic spells out of all those posted by me on Twitter from 2017 to 2019. Bon appetit!


Magic Spells I

Eyes of the Squid: Enables the caster to see clearly in deep water or abyssal canyons.

Terramite’s Muddy Iron: Causes any single iron item (not an alloy) to become as soft and sticky as mud.

Fingers of the Spider: Bestows high-level pickpocket skills on a character who is not a thief.

Aeleart’s Fairy Feet: Makes the caster’s feet appear as small and dainty as those of a fairy, and step as lightly.

Legs of the Brawler: Enables the caster to brace themselves, kick, and dart as well as any street fighter during combat, no matter what their class.

Corallandra’s Silver Voice: Makes the user’s voice pleasing to the ear and adds a +3 to Charisma checks.

Speechburst: Enables the caster to speak five times as quickly as they normally would, with no loss of comprehension to listeners.

Seltysse’s Internal Pressure: Causes the victim to simultaneously belch and fart, expelling foul-smelling gas.

Cry of the Dolphin: Causes the recipient to emit a loud, squeaky shriek which causes momentary disorientation to all who hear it. If used underwater, it can echolocate.

Ograthan’s Imaginary Vitality: Makes the recipient feel stronger and more energetic than they really are. Must be used with caution.


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