Worldbuilding Wednesday 12/11/19: Christmas Scents

No gingerbread men were harmed in the baking of these cookies.

This time of year holiday scents abound. There’s the usual Pine and Balsam, Gingerbread, and Sugar Cookie. But to really move sweet-smelling merchandise, novelty is required. Yankee Candles has one scent I like in particular called After Sledding. The name is memorable and brings up memories of playing in the snow, while the smell is a combo of sawed wood, fresh air, chocolate, and Christmas spices. If the candle had just been called Winter Fun, I might not have been attracted to it as much.

Need a holiday scent? Here’s a randomgenned list.


Christmas Scents

Peppermint Champagne

Mrs. Claus’s Spice Cake

White Cardamom

Frosty Christmas Berries

Christmas Morning Coffee

Incense and Oranges


Midnight Toast

Exotic Berry

Golden Embers

Winter’s Hearth

Snowball Fight

Mischief Brewing

Green Christmas

Santa’s Brownies

Pink Cardamom

Winter Depth

Festive Homestead

Bough and Bonfire

Wintry Coast

Red Velvet Yule

Red Winter Coat

Sunrise Sleigh Ride

Honeyed Orange

Snowed In

Morning Cocoa

Chocolate Orange

Golden Pine

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