Worldbuilding Wednesday 11/20/19: Minor Magical Items

Some magical items are very useful to the recipient. Some are cursed, or useless. But more often than not they have a minor kind of magic, helpful in a certain situation. Here are some of those items.


Minor and Mundane Magical Items

The Wizard Kift’s Small Dirt-kicking Satyr: A diminuitive statue of a satyr that comes to life on command, kicking dirt in the faces of the wielder’s targets.

Jesserine’s Philtre of Feline Acrobatics: When a drop of this is poured into a feline’s drinking water, they will amuse their owner for hours with their gymnastic shenanigans.

Minchzar’s Sketching Book: A minor but very prized item that allows the user to sketch creatures in the nude even if they are wearing clothing.

Philtre of Gentle Harmonizing: This potion enables the drinker to sing background vocals even if they have no singing talent.

Cuff of Rebellion Containment: When worn by a teenager, this piece of jewelry ensures they will not talk back to their parental figure(s).

Invisible Hummingbird: Circles around a target’s head and pokes at their scalp with its beak.

Lute of Catastrophe: When this cursed magical instrument is played nothing but boos and catcalls come from the audience.

Glaive of Nasal Defense: The wielder of this weapon will never suffer any damage to their nose.

Helm of the Curmudgeon: When worn this cursed object causes the wearer to kvetch constantly about unimportant things.

Box of Soothing Gold: This small wooden box contains a gold powder that, when sprinkled on burns, rashes, or insect bites, soothes the irritation. Can be gathered up and re-used. Despite appearances it is not real gold.

The Orange Notebook of Disguises: Contains 5 to 20 pages each featuring a mask that can be cut out of paper. When worn, the mask creates an illusion of disguise on the wearer’s face. However, the illusions are not very good. There is a 50% chance any onlooker can see through it. Chance decreases with distance, however. The masks are mostly of humanoid creatures: elves, goblins, humans of various ages and races, and they do not affect the wearer’s clothing or body.

Mace of Scratching: Looks like an ordinary mace, but can extend itself to offer soothing relief to itches anywhere on the wielder’s body. Can also be used as a weapon though it is non magical in that regard.

Fragrance of the Fox: This ungeant is usually found in a small metal tin. The waxy substance, when applied, will make the wearer smell exactly like a fox, which is to say not very good. But it is useful for passing undetected through the woods. Lasts 12 hours.



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