Worldbuilding Wednesday 7/17/19: The Best of
xxxxTwittersnips I (Characters)

Elric of Melniboné, by Mathew Stewart.
A pretty memorable character himself.

I’ve posted almost 1,000 randomly generated names on Twitter so far, and I thought it would be interesting to showcase my favorites. These are names up to June of 2018 that may be used for characters, either in a story or in a gaming situation.


Characters I

Queen Kapranje Liegestrud, an imaginary Scandinavian monarch

Chanphry of the Hollow Eye, an evil sorcerer

Queston, Necromancer of the Wounded Finger

Valdandis Oorf, AKA The Red Beetle, a notorious scoundrel and thief

Laird Corbrit Glengally, a Scottish highlander

Lady Taffuma Grinform (Steampunk)

Lyrilette of the Brown Kirtle

Chryserto of the Numinous Phoenix

Pirate Captain Squint-Eyed Nicholas

Satatareth, The Angel Of Good Hygiene

Outlaw Gold Tooth Pearl

Shenplen of the Violet Shoes, a mystic

Lady Khanstandia Torjanelle

Smerri Peachlake, a Hobbit

Halina of the Genteel Cloak

Whiskey Wesley, a cowboy of the old west

Sally Hawk, a cowgirl

Gosti Threeclasp, a Hobbit

Gandian Graymurgh, a wizard of Middle-Earth

Injun Dutch, a cowboy

Preacher Ford, a cowboy

Luthnox the Slippery, thief and rogue

Pellaphor the Eternally Amused, a wizard

Grantliet Moonbull, Man at Arms

Tal Avoch, a Star Wars villain


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