Worldbuilding Wednesday 4/3/19: Steampunk Novels

The Day the Wires Came Down, by Ornicar

Steampunk, a term coined in the mid-1980s, is a catch-all term for artistic design and subject matter that harks back to the Victorian Age, when steam-powered machinery and clockwork mechanisms began to drive the Industrial Revolution. The term was invented by SF writer K.W. Jeter in a tongue-in-cheek reference to Cyberpunk. But the term and its aesthetics did not pass into popular culture until the 1990s, when, in a one-two punch, William Gibson and Bruce Sterling, both Cyberpunk pioneers, released The Difference Engine, and the California Disneyland revamped its Tomorrowland design into a Jules Verne-inspired vision of the future that never was. The ball started rolling after that.

Need some inspiration? Here are some randomgenned Steampunk novels that have yet to be written.


Steampunk Novels

Steel Rubies

Winter Mercury

The Thousand Year Calculation

Gears of Beguilement

The Zeppelin Corset

Cryptic Breath

The Iron Daughter’s Tale

Clockwork Ghosts

An Occurrence at the Iron Circus

Fallen Alchemy

The Hypnogogic Guest

The Electric Duchess

Our Lady of the Silver Turbines

The Iron Cloister


The Ivory Juggernaut

The Case of the Wind-Up King

The Steam-Driven League

The Steel Parasol

The Automated City

Jade Leviathan

A Numerologist of Valor

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