Worldbuilding Wednesday 1/23/19: Ice Cream Flavors

Charcoal flavored ice cream

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

Fifty years ago, when you walked into a grocery store, you did not see the many flavors of ice cream available these days. No, fifty years ago, there was only chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry, or all three of them packaged together, in a cardboard box striped like the Mexican flag, in a flavor known as Neapolitan. You might also see Butterbrickle, Maple Nut, or Pistachio if you were lucky. Exoticness then was strictly for sherbets.

When Chocolate Chip ice cream was introduced to the masses in the mid-1970s, it was a like gift from God. Followed soon by Chocolate Fudge Ripple and Chocolate Mint, the stage was set for ice cream flavors to diversify fully. When boutique ice cream came along with Haagen Daz and Ben and Jerrys, well, things never were the same again. No longer was one confined to dull Neapolitan at birthday parties where one had to leave the Strawberry serving untouched on one’s paper plate.

Since that revolution, a second one has happened in which flavors unimaginable before are being concocted in boutique stores like the Portland chain Salt and Straw, which boasts flavors like Beecher’s Cheese with Peppercorn Toffee.  Independent ice cream shops have coming out with flavors like Sweet Corn, Honey Lavender, and Whiskey Maple Bacon for a while now, and all this isn’t even considering the Japanese market, in which flavors like Squid Ink and Cedar Hot Tub are sold as delicacies.

Need a spur of the moment ice cream flavor? Here are some.


Ice Cream Flavors

Mangosteen Raspberry

Cherry Margarita

Spiced Heath Bar Crunch

Goji Berry Green Tea

Apple Strudel Macadamia Nut

Coffee Peanut Butter

Rum Butter Gelato

Baked Butterfinger Pudding

Spiced Peach Schnappes

Sweet and Sour Basil Ice

Honey Black Cherry

Cantalope-Fig Shave Ice

Ginger Papaya Sherbet

Macadamia Nut Brittle Milkshake

Cucumber-Ginger Sherbet

Rum Almond

Irish Creme Gingerbread

Salted Cashew Crunch

Creme de Menthe S’mores

Nutty Malted Milk Cookie Crust

Gingersnap Fennel Espresso

Southern Brazil Nut Birthday Cake

Lime Ginger Shave Ice

Amaretto Roast Chestnut

Cashew Wafer

Italian Walnut Poppyseed

Cookie Crumb Salted Caramel

Pina Colada Tea Biscuit

Espresso Cream Cheese

Lemongrass Italian Ice

Apple Lavender

American Diner Cinnamon Roll

Salted Hazelnut Truffle

Crunchy Sugarplum Stripe

Dark Chocolate Oatmeal Cookie

Sweetmint Torte

Alaskan Chocolate Rumble

Sweet Cappuccino Delight

Baked Blackberry Strudel

English Lemon Curd Confetti

Hot Cocoa Eggnog

Guinness n’ Lime

Almond Gooseberry

Sour Cherry Clotted Cream

Pecan Cake Batter

French Vanilla Truffle

Kentucky Bourbon Mochi Ball

Peppercorn Cheddar

Vanilla Bean Honey Pudding

Lemon Thyme Cheesecake

Mocha Mascarpone

White Chocolate Lemon Curd

Black Tea Brownie

Chocolate Hibiscus Candy

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