Worldbuilding Wednesday 10/31/18: Gothic Mansions

It’s Halloween. And what better way to celebrate than by visiting a spooky old mansion? Old castles, manses, and abbeys are a mainstay of Gothic literature. Manderlay, in Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca, is practically its own character, along with its housekeeper. And who can forget “The Great House of Collinwood” mentioned at the beginning of each Dark Shadows TV episode, narrated in deadpan monotone by actress Victoria Moltke? Other houses are noteworthy by their evocative names: Gormenghast, Thornfield Hall, Northanger Abbey. These don’t sound like places you’d go to for a quick weekend getaway featuring red wine and down comforters, but locations for dark secrets and ancient mysteries. Through the magic of random generation, here’s a list for your gothic plots.  

Gothic Mansions

Broodloss Plantation Marpede Alders Anglepont Abbey Tintwater Kinfields Mannefell House Ruddinland Lyretower Court Pallentor Breakwater Mansion Tortefaire Blandscape Peaks Hanloss Priory Stardusk Marmot Moor Sarkwhistor Abbey Penderang Keep Castle Strabav Swamptree Ranch Leicester Coomb Mount Loganheim Pendergay Castle Bletchwater Coldfields Park Vermiswood Iveyheath Margrave Mansion The Great House of Lioncaster Grendelay House Staurieve Castle Crullbar Rock Handfeld Belfry Rowanfields Gorinspun House Reeveston Mansion Barmador

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