Worldbuilding Wednesday 7/11/18: Himalayan Mountaineering

Chances are, when you think of the Himalayan mountains, you see sharp, snow-capped peaks, desolate valleys, and peaceful yaks.

Or, maybe this.

This was my favorite ride as a teen at the Jersey Shore. At night, all lit up, it was truly spectacular. Even then, however, I knew people didn’t ski or stay at ski resorts in the Himalayas. The mountains had a far more serious purpose: mountaineering. The highest peaks in the world are there, and the greatest challenges. With those challenges, comes defeat — and the price is your life. Mt Everest is one of the world’s highest graveyards. When climbers die there, their bodies remain, as it is far too risky for others to retrieve them and bring them down. If they can be reached, they might be buried under a cairn. If not, they are slowly freeze-dried and remain in the position they kept at death, the bright colors of their clothing calling them to attention when they aren’t covered by the snow.

Morbidity aside, if you’re writing about mountaineers, and want to throw some HImalayan placenames around, here are some ideas.

Himalayan Mountaineering

Alpha Rajma

Tsang Tsang Crags

Suj Jomol




Devmuchuli Scarp

Mangtirche Ridge

Arwapulam Pass




Gurlau Pinnacle


Ama Bain

Mohan Chandra

Mana Nan Peak

Jomol Cham

Chambakari Base Camp


Sujtang Peak

Pradu Peak

Thallongchen Valley

Lamp Namcha Cliffs

Kula Gya

Saif Nande Gorge


Thal Noj

Kalbutsebhu Massif

Deviguch Plateau




Thontok Basin

Dhaula Thark


Mukhangila Fall

Rajmalong Icefield

Andaragi Ridge


Bai Kardha

Tara Gurla

Gyalaam Monastery

Pradbuang Glacier

Chomo Thark

Bidhse Snowfield

Ganeshu Wall

Labuche Lan


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