Worldbuilding Wednesday 2/21/18: Birds

Astranci by Caelicorn on deviantART

Astranci, by Caelicorn

It’s pretty easy to name a new species of bird. Their beaks and tails adhere to certain shapes, and body parts such as eyes, breasts, and wings share certain features also. Their habitats name them, as well as their food, calls, and mating behavior.

So if you want some fictional avian or avians in your story, you can get one here.


Imaginary Bird Species


Short-Breasted Forest Wren


Scarlet-Tailed Bobber


Ground Fisher

Bee-Eating Blue Swift

Soft-Tailed Warwill

Snowy Finch

Canyon Goose


Emerald-collared Finch

Sedge Thorntail

White-Backed Warbler

Sagebrush Grouselette

Ground Swordbill

Rose-Crested Sucker

Sultan Swan

Soft-Bellied Sismou

Sapphire Spineback

Rose-Throated Creeper

Long-Tailed Lowlands Jay

Gypsy Bluff Ibis


Whooping Spadebird


Long-Eyed Prairie Pigeon


Whiskered Sickleback

Double-Plumed Kakarata

Glossy-Spotted Spadewing

Gray-Backed Swift


Screaming Pheasant

Evening Redback

Emerald-Crested Mullboola

Russet Scythebird

Golden Creeper

Bush Goose

Glossy-Chinned Stork

Forest Redbird

Short-Rumped Warkin

Sedge Stork

Sapphire-Tailed Parakeet

Lesser Coslet

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