Worldbuilding Wednesday 1/17/18: Germanic Names

Returning to Ruritania, Germanic names, and fictional European countries again…

There are really a lot of them, evidenced by this list on Wikipedia. I was blown away, actually.

Some highlights:

  • Animation has its share, evidenced by the fictional country of Cagliostro, in which Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro, Hayao Miyazaki’s debut anime movie is set. The Disney movie Tangled is set in a Germanic country as well, called Corona.
  • The ex-communist country of Novistrana serves as the arena for the political strategy video game Republic: The Revolution.
  • Marvel comics have, of course, Dr. Doom’s fictional of kingdom of Latveria and its neighbors Transia and Symkaria.
  • Vulgaria is the name of the European country visited by the flying car in the film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. The Marx brothers’ Duck Soup features the country of Freedonia, and Charley Chaplin’s The Great Dictator had Bacteria, Osterlick, and Tomainia. The 2004 Tom Hanks movie The Terminal features a refugee from the war-torn fictional nation of Krakhozia.
  • Romance novels have Jude Devereaux’s Lanconia and Nora Roberts’ Cordina.
  • And let’s not forget the real-life tiny countries of Monaco, Andorra, and Lichtenstein.

Who are the inhabitants of these make-believe, little-known nations? Some of them I list below.


Germanic Names


Adlbold Schaedark

Karlyn Wolfbalde

Erwan Barreich

Alfrick Stuttpinch

Reginmer Rammden

Manhard Scheinstellz

Raimus Kunstharz

Ronul Schimtass

Kiefich Dohritz

Jurgman Karlseinz

Reinzgund Neischstellz

Medhardt Aschblat

Berkmund Volkitz

Gandhardt Rammkarst

Jurger Aschstrich

Franzwyn Hoffclast

Sigdorn Dohrstein

Ursbrekt Karlswurg

Jurgalf Volkvann

Alphian Eichenden


Erberta Rammstellz

Ethlina Palzau

Elsaffa Eissenphadt

Heidelene Eissenhost

Ernsa Dogbrau

Magnetna Sprangfells

Friedwig Volkuch

Hilga Geiswald

Stephriele Strichtsen

Betmina Trilhard

Livka Palzhard

Uthilde Rons

Minitta Volkdurst

Gertberta Badkann

Liselise Barinch

Gerdburga Panzkann

Elsaida Kunstclast

Virgna Schweindau

Elisalese Schimclas

Violleth Vandhard

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