Worldbuilding Wednesday 11/22/17: Supernatural Beings


Abaraxas, a Gnostic deity

There are all sorts of fairies, elementals, grues, demons, devils, angels, nature spirits, and the like in fantasy. Often they serve a purpose in the story, and just as often they are there for window dressing, like the offhand mentions of pookas or kelpies causing trouble. In fact, things wouldn’t be the same if they weren’t there. The more bizarre, the better. Take the above character for instance: the Gnostic entity Abraxus, a rooster-headed man with snake’s legs.

Here’s a list to embolden your own work or act as inspiration.


Supernatural Beings

Ganjader: The Messenger of the Gods, a divine hawk with the head of a beautiful silver-eyed maiden.

Valkagers: Winged men who serve the gods. They have twelve eyes and stentorian voices.

Psitemph: A divine horse with silver horns and a plaintive moan when saddened.

Gongstait: A tree spirit in the form of a green ape with six arms and bulbous, bloodshot eyes.

Sorenphid: A muscular demigod with the head of a stag and tanned, brawny arms. He created the first bow, stringing it from his own forehead hair.

Zaftaloon: The demon king of centipedes. He appears in the form of a one-eyed centaur and can knowledgeably discuss alchemy and philosophy. Instead of four hooved legs, he has a hundred.

Mantiunda: Also known as the Swan Queen. In the form of a maiden she can be recognized by her white, feathered ears.

Vroleth: An arcane being that looks like a clam with the head of a camel. Sages say it created the world from a ball of its own dung.

Lion-King Theraclasp: A legendary ruler with the head of a lion and scarlet wings. He has a snowy white pelt and travels in a giant juggernaut pulled by fifty groaning slaves.

Yelwherry: A heavenly messenger with a cheetah’s head and the torso of a comely youth. On his head he bears two golden horns. Sacred writings say he farts loudly when startled.

Vampamon: A mysterious entity with the antlers of a deer, the lower body of a serpent, and hot, steaming breath.

Sulsodyne: The God of Divine Inquisition and Torture. He sends out plagues of locusts to punish infidels.

Jamposs: The Golden Hare of the Sun. He craves the taste of honey and is said to defecate when alarmed.

Sphagniron: An immortal giant with the head of an elephant. He is fond of eating spiders and has beautiful feathered wings.

The Lyphrae: A tribe of fierce warriors that wear loincloths made of catskin and cut off their own ears.

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