Worldbuilding Wednesday 10/25/17: Bogies

They are the things that make children wake screaming, blind with fear, in the middle of the night. They are the things that slip through the cracks under bedroom windows, the things that turn the knobs of bedroom closets and push them open with agonizing slowness, while the children cower under their blankets and pray that the old stories about monsters not being able to touch them through their sheets are true.

They aren’t.

Innocents  on Night Terrors


Things that go bump in the night

Krakhuan: An evil spirit in the shape of a rhinoceros. It walks on two human legs with oversized feet and has a long tail with a poisoned sting.

Mabafoon: An evil fairy that steals the lips from sleeping human children and replaces them with weasel skin.

Chroscrum: A demon in the form of a huge albino hyena. He has a loud, commanding voice and sends hordes of bats to punish his enemies.

Threehatch: An evil spirit in the form of a decaying, skeletal fox covered with carrion beetles.

Kilplacine: An evil, sorrowful spirit that has the upper part of a gaunt corpse with wrinkled white skin and the lower part of a crocodile.

Vlangthrut: A demon that looks like a handsome youth, but his flesh is covered with brown spikes. He has the wings of a pterodactyl and a hideous cackle.

Yathtrice: A demon in the shape of a black elephant with four human arms, two tails, and an aura of impending doom.

Mzabella: A horrible old crone who turns men into rats with her touch. She has two enormous pincers instead of hands and wears the flayed hide of a giant salamander.

Alrathy: A female demon who has the upper part of an elf-maiden and the lower part of a small, fluffy dog. She has hypnotizing eyes and speaks in a harsh tone.

Scorpadrox: A terrible goddess with two inhuman heads, those of a jackel and a hyena. She has oozing carbuncles on her back and lures men to doom with her singing.

Lephuan: An infernal spirit that, when summoned, appears as a sea cucumber with a human head. It speaks in a girl’s voice.

Oniprang: A demon with the body of a musk ox and the head of a cobra on a long, flexible neck. It mocks believers of the One True God and attempts to lure them to hell with gifts of treasure.

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