Worldbuilding Wednesday 9/13/17: Houses of Ill Repute

happy times in a bordello

How do (mostly male) adventurers spend their hard-won leisure time? They might visit a brothel.

Game of Thrones has shown fantasy fans what such a brothel might look like, but whorehouses, or rollicking inns  filled with willing (or working) women have long been a staple of the genre, especially in sword and sorcery. Straight female characters have so far been shut out of the fun, but here’s hoping some creative authors come up with alternatives.

Here’s some randomly generated names to use in your own worldbuilding work.


Houses of Ill Repute


The Mistress’s Last Moan

The Scarlet Lips

The Dungeon of Endless Spanking

The Siren’s Orgasm

The Honeycomb of Exquisite Whispers

Taunea’s Blushing Palace

The Virgin’s Secret

The Lusty Tower

The Black Velvet Inn

The Four Strokes

Palace of the Punishments

The Queen’s Hundredth Release

The House of Blissful Whispers

Grotto of the Forbidden Cry

The Maze of Irresistible Pleasures

The Emerald Pillow

The Wench’s Happy Groans

Cave of the Nymph

The Trollop’s Four Punishments

The Whore’s Singular Delight

The Lusty Maiden

The Ruby Garden

Prostitutes (Female only)

Velvet Plum

Deep Tongue



Talsa the Skilled



Mistress Janilla


Lady Janda

Zarduna of the Whip

Fara Breedlove

Taleva the Dark Lotus

Cinnamon Moon

Nomeena the Huntress

Misty Blossom

Saroka the Morning Pearl

Karuna the White Opal


Hot Legs

Feather Rose

Fresh Velvet

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