Worldbuilding Wednesday 9/20/17: Useful Magic Items

Oh, lookies! I found another book of forgotten magic in the vast dungeon library I call my home! Wonder if it has anything this fellow is looking for? Perhaps something to animate that pink lightbulb heart?

A new group of randomly generated, mostly useful, magic items that may find a home in your story or campaign.


Useful Magic Items

Ranthvand’s Tasting Filament:  Creates a thin, string-like tentacle that snakes out from the caster’s palm to touch any food or drink item. If the food is poisoned, the tentacle shrivels and dies with no harm to the caster.

Jerath’s Tome of Catastrophe:  Never open this book.

Notebook of Fulsome Terror:  Don’t open this one either.

Mornesza’s Reptilian Plate:  Clothes the caster’s body in invisible armor made of lizard-like scales.

Heldelm’s Throat of Brick:  Strengthens the caster’s throat so they can swallow acid, high proof liquor, or other noxious substances with no ill effect. Note: does not prevent drunkenness.

The Silver Notebook of Imprisonment:  Any creature that has a name can be trapped inside when their name is written in it.

Helm of Precise Candor:  Causes the wearer to speak the truth and nothing but the truth.

Elixer of Wondrous Burrowing:  When drunk, this potion enables the drinker to dig like a mole.

Cowl of The Healer:  This hood endows the caster with first aid knowledge and skills.

Clarity of the Sculptor:  Enables a caster with artistic skills to create a highly realistic model of anything they see.

Gloves of Serpent Mimicry:  Creates the illusion of the caster’s arms turning into two snakes.

Cap of The Peacekeeper:  Allows the wearer to mediate between two arguing beings or parties.

Oljerine’s Fighting Feet:  Enables the caster to use his/her feet as well as their hands when fighting. The caster must be barefoot for it to work. Useful if the arms are bound or otherwise restricted.

Phorgamel’s Muddled Manticore:   Confuses any manticore it is cast upon.

Scroll of Frozen Fungus:  Not a spell, but the favored medium to write cold-related spells on.

Ludawana’s Voice of the Serpent:   Turns the caster’s voice into a violent hiss.

Ankhus’s Leather Centipede:  A cat-sized automaton created by the late mage to be his servant. The centipede can scuttle across walls, floors, and ceilings, burrow, and swim underwater. It can be used to spy, fetch things, and deliver stinging attacks. Being made of leather, it is not indestructible.

Seashell of Oration:  This magical object looks like a giant conch shell. When the mage holds it to his mouth and speaks through it, whatever he says will have the weight of a speech from a skilled orater.

Traadia’s Arousing Ungeant:  Useful in a bedroom situation. Often paired with Chrysian’s Blue Manual of Seduction.

Iriselga’s Purple Libram of Transformations:  Contains an untold number of spells to transmute one substance to another, or one creature to another.

Ulbhren’s Imaginary Imprisonment:  Makes the subject believe he or she is locked in an invisible cage and can’t get out.

Ordelag’s Filthy Hands: Causes clean hands to look dirty.

Heart of the Turtle:  When drunk, this potion enables the drinker to endure any hardship.

Brooch of Phoenix Combustion: Enables the wearer to “die” in an explosion of flame and then miraculously come back to life, healed of all wounds and imperfections.

Tweezers of Death:  When used on hair, these tweezers eradicate the hair and follicle permanently. But if they touch skin, the being dies instantly.

Lute of the Necromancer:  Controls all sorts of undead, depending on the song that is played. “Stayin’ Alive” remains a favorite.

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