Worldbuilding Wednesday 8/2/17: Inns, Taverns, and Eateries

Much story development took place in a typical Medieval Inn.

The Granddaddy of all Fantasy fiction tropes must surely be the Medieval Inn, with its open hearths and wenches in low-cut bodices, unsavory characters lurking about, and bowls of hot stew. (No less a luminary than Tolkien created the seminal template with The Prancing Pony.)

In truth, inns served a vital function in the Medieval/Renaissance world. Travel and commerce were becoming more common, and at the same time, highwaymen and robbers began to make open-air camping unsafe near settled areas. Where there was a business need, then as now, a business sprang up to serve it.  The hospitality and food inns served was diverse, depending on the area’s resources and its wealth.

Here’s a list of randomly generated inn names you can use in your own works, and a list of House Specialties they might serve to their hungry patrons.


Inns, Taverns, and Eateries

The Grotto of the Dark Virgin

The Merry Peacock

The Whistling Fox Retreat

The Longshoreman’s Treasure

The Double Apple Inn

Bunker of the Foolish Dragon

The Windlass

The Laughing Moon

The Bard’s Dogfish

The Four Bottles Alehouse

The Monk’s Tumbling Mug

The Sapphire Phoenix

The Whistling Horse Inn

The Dagger and the Pearl

Four Mugs Hideaway

The Minstrel’s Jewels

The Tipsy Pine

Golden Dragon Tavern

The Black Star Inn

Inn of the Sleeping Moon

The Admiral’s Blue Haven

Mermaid’s Golden Alehouse

Keep of the Prudent Virgin

The Happy Basilisk

The Captain’s Crab

Shanty of the Puzzled Mug

The Silver Compass

Alehouse of the Blue Dog

Fifty Crown Alley

The Grinning Raven

The Mermaid’s Flying Anchor

The Stumbling Weasel Inn

The Thirsty Frigate

The Salty Cockerel

The Prince’s Plow

The Wench’s Dirty Dungeon

The Fainting Gypsy

Retreat of the Four Jewels

The Pirate’s Plot

The Singing Shark Tavern

Manor of Dancing Spirits

The Golden Dog


On the Menu… (House Specialties)

Devil’s Pudding:   Pureed mussels and collard greens.

Goodwive’s Wonder:    Slow-roasted bacon glazed with raspberry juice and the whites from goose’s eggs.

Poslim:    Eel and pumpkin stew.

Geltonshaft:   A creamy cheese with a red-orange rind.

Gorgon’s Omelet:     Slow-roasted gizzards glazed with berry juice and scramble-fried with hen’s eggs.

Blueberry Sinner:    A nutty ale from the east.

Dibbleqat:    Fermented goat’s milk sweetened with apple-quince syrup.

Duke’s Dice:    An alcoholic drink made from bulgur mash beer mixed with milk.

Peach Wonder:    A delicious ale from the far south.

Whore’s Stew:    Roasted fish mixed with collard greens.

Dascups:    Fried oat and garbanzo bean cakes.

Savorfern:    A savory pasty cheese made from mare’s milk.

Grundyrice:    Thin slices of suckling pig dried in the sun until chewy.

Vanbittant:    Cold fermented kefir blended with mead.

Scullylunga:    A soft, filling cheese flavored with lemon.

Spinsalt:    A starchy white cheese made from unicorn milk.

Dashobble:    A dark, pasty tea brewed from alini leaves.

Scaddylak Scarlet:    A local beer.

Dame’s Cross:    Frothy cucumber juice flavored with nutmeg.

Gobblelunge:    Fried goat with pickled mushrooms.

Gods’ Broth:    Slow-roasted pork soup decorated with the whites from chicken’s eggs.

Funnack:    Roasted pike stuffed with boiled broad beans.

Bobbleflan:    Roasted tripe served with lentils.

Rummyborne:    A northern brandy that tastes of cherry and fennel.

Caskdrop:   A local beer.

Raspberry Envy:    A bright pink alcoholic beverage brewed from hyzenberries.

Scullybeck:    A soft cheese flavored with bacon.


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