Worldbuilding Wednesday, 7/26/17: Secret and Arcane Societies

Secret societies are a staple of fantasy fiction (Necromancy_by_Lyndseyh.jpg)

Necromancy, by Lyndsey Hayes

Secret societies are a mainstay in popular fiction. (Just look at Dan Brown.) In fantasy and science fiction, we have the Bene Gesserit, The Dharma Initiative, The Talamasca, The Sith.

In mundane life, there are many, from the sinister to the accepted. Freemasons are one. But there’s also Aleister Crowley’s occult group Order of the Golden Dawn, the mystical St. Germaine Foundation, The Skull & Bones Society of Yale, and the Opus Dei of the Catholic Church. They may be secular, commercial, community, or spiritual in nature. Often their membership is restricted, and members cannot speak of what goes on in them.

Here’s a list of randomly-generated names you can use for your own.


Secret and Arcane Societies

Brothers of Euphoria

Association of the Shadowed Sword

Starry Institute of the Bright Seafarer

Egalitarian Sanctum of Enchanters

Mothers of Fate

Coven of the Stringless Lute

Brotherhood of the Savage & Wondrous

The Starry Disciples of Sidefess

Minions of Solitude

Enclave of the Emerald

The Elder Syndicate of Dracotis

Union of the True Lantern

The Mist & Lightning Society

Citadel of the Iron Mage

Legion of the Scarlet Pyramid

The Minds of Profane Silence

Beauty of Ancient Ivory

The Golden Solitude

Apotheosis of Ash

Diviners of the Chimeric Veil

Legion Primal Clay

Order of Unconventional Fire

Utopia Of Hidden Beauty

Heaven’s Minions

The Nuanced Silence

The Looking Glass

Commune of the Twilight Eagle

Enclave of Perfumed Earth

Servants of the Idol

The Eternal Sanctum

Mothers of Dauntless Purity

Conclave of Night

Society for the Study of Aquatic Phenomena

Brethren of Harmonious Shadow

Black Alliance Of Tamschim

The Spellmasters Union of Eurä

The Fire & Water Society

League of the Behemoth

Kin of the False Stone

Fraternity Of The Fiery Cowl

The Onyx Hegemony

Brothers of the Contorted Star

Sanctum of the Violent Dawn

The Sylvan Breath

The Salient Shadow

The Free Energy Syndicate

League of  Bright Transcendance

The Clear Day Coalition

Kin of Kharmic Discovery

Eternal Sanctum Of Winter

The Spiritual Fire

Dawn of Luminous Gold

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